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British-American Business Council in the North West of England

BABC North West is a regional chapter of the British-American Business Council (BABC), the largest transatlantic business network, with 22 chapters and over 2,000 member companies based in major business centers throughout North America and the United Kingdom. Its membership includes many of the world's largest multinationals, as well as hundreds of middle market and smaller companies.


Founded in 1994, the North West chapter promotes direct business connections between the North West of England and North American companies. It aims to enhance the North West's position as a regional gateway between Europe and North America.


We often work in partnership with like minded organisations such as UKTI to host a programme of transatlantic-relevant presentations, seminars, meetings and networking opportunities. These enable members keep regular contact to facilitate transatlantic business and trade development.


With our membership of the British-American Business Council, we have direct links with 18 British-American Business Councils/Groups in the USA, Canada and Mexico. There are 4 further regional groups across the UK.


Our members can also take advantage of links into universities, research institutes, business schools and government agencies on both sides of the Atlantic.


Through its permanent secretariat BABC-NW facilitates introductions and business development for North West member organisations looking to expand into North America, and for North American organisations aiming to expand into the North West of England, and through into Europe and beyond.


Please explore our site. Discover for yourself the advantages of membership of the British-American Business Council in the North West of England. When you're convinced that membership could benefit your organisation, please find out more about joining or contact us and we will be we will contact you to discuss membership.


Richard Northcote

President - BABC-NW




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